Water Resources Laws Rules M Dep

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Water Resources regulations, policies, guideance do.ents, federal and state laws..Water Laws.le 38, Chapter 3: PROTECTION AND IMPROVEMENT OF WATERS. Subchapter 1: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION BOARD. Article 1: ORGANIZATION AND GENERAL PROVISIONS. 38 361-A. Definitions 38 362. Authority to accept federal funds 38 362-A. Experiments and scientific research in the .Protected natural resources are coastal sand dune systems, coastal wetlands, significant wildlife habitat, fragile mountain areas, freshwater wetlands, great ponds See the Department Fee Schedule, under Land Resources - Natural Resources Protection Act, for the current permit by rule fee to submit with the completed .The Maine Department of the Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions maintains online copies ofcy rule chapters. The electronic version maintained by the Department of the Secretary of State and are in MS Word format unless otherwise noted. Rule chapters downloaded from the site .

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