Two Gop Senators To Vote Against Obamacare Repeal

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- Republican Sens. S.ey Moore Capito W.Va. and Susan Collins Maine said on Tuesday that they will not support moving forward with the plan to repeal ObamaCare with a delayed replacement.. - The proposal by Sens. Lindsay Graham and Bill C.idy comes after GOP Senate leaders have floundered in efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.. - If Republicans lose these two senators, they can 't afford to lose even one more from their own party. Two other senators are noncommittal: Then, Sens. Lisa Murkowski R-AK and John McCain R-AZ , are also undecided. And both of them voted against the repeal effort in July, so it 's clear they 're willing to . - Lisa Murkowski R-Alaska , one of the three Senate Republicans who voted against the "skinny repeal" in July, along with Susan Collins Maine and John McCain Ariz. . Murkowski told HuffPost Republicans can lose only two GOP votes if they 're to even advance this bill to the House. That means they .

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