The Best Senior Teams Thrive On Disagreement

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- Most team leaders try to build cohesion on their teams. Through team-building exercises and the careful establishment of norms and processes, leaders aim to create a culture of trust, psychological safety, and good feeling. But should enterprise leadership teams also pursue cohesion? To explore this . - Editor 's note : This story is available via the Harvard Business Review. It and other HBR stories are provided to our subscribers on our website and in our daily emails as an added value to your subscription. Most team leaders try to build cohesion on their teams, aiming to create a culture of trust, . - One of the common goals of team leaders is to try to increase the cohesion of their team. This article reports on a study that showed that cohesion might not be the top goal to pursue for Enterprise leadership teams - ones composed of senior managers/leaders in the organization. The article describes . - Harvard Business Review has published a piece written by Orla Leonard, Nathan Wiita, and Christopher Milane on the topic, "The Best Senior Teams Thrive on Disagreement." The piece reports the results of research that RHR has been conducting for the past six years about enterprise-wide leadership .

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