Nyc Taxi Limousine Commission Driver Education

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NYC Taxi Limousine Commission - Driver Education. This page will be updated periodi.y, so please check back often. The TLC is committed to providing safe, efficient, and active for-hire transportation. A fleet of well-trained and knowledgeable drivers is the key to providing this level of service.. - NYC Taxi Limousine Commission This guide will help you understand topics that are covered on the TLC Driver Exam. It is meant to complement streets and neighborhoods. You should be familiar with the following City geography: Manhattan. 1 | TLC Driver Education Study Guide. Updated 8.4.2016 .To complete all requirements for a TLC license you will need to: Take a drug test; Have your fingerprints and p.o taken; Complete the education requirements. De.s on how to complete these requirements are listed below and will be emailed to you after you submit your online application: Driver License Requirements .NYC Taxi Limousine Commission - DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE DDC INFORMATION. A Defensive Driving Course is a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles authorized course providing knowledge and techniques for the safe operation of a motor vehicle..

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