New Partnership With Education Endowment Foundation

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- EEF and Nominet Trust announce new partnership to co-fund projects focusing on the use of digital technology in raising the attainment of disadvantaged children. The Education Endowment Foundation EEF and Nominet Trust have today announced that they will be partnering together in a new funding . - The Education Endowment Foundation EEF is partnering with the Nuffield Foundation to build the evidence-base of 'what works' when it comes to improving outcomes for disadvantaged children in the early years. The EEF has so far committed funding for seven trials in the early .We are delighted to report the following partnerships the EEF has formed in the year July 2017 - June 2018: December 2017: The EEF is partnering with the Wellcome Trust to generate new evidence about science teaching, with the particular aim of closing the science attainment and progression gap that exists between .Project: Schools Partnership Programme, Whole-school improvement programme using self-review,r review and school-to-school support..

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