Nationalociation Of Canadian Optician Regulators

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The mission of the Nationalociation of Canadian Optician Regulators is to provide a forum for networking and information exchange among Canadian Opticianry regulators; to develop quality benchmarks for accreditation standards and processes for Opticianry; and to monitor and investigate common issues related to .NACOR: Nationalociation of Canadian Optician Regulators. 2709-83 Garry Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4J9. Phone: 204 949-1950 Fax: 204 949-9153. Watts: 1-866-949-1950. [email protected] .Nationalociation of Canadian Optician Regulators. The membership of the Nationalociation of Canadian Optician Regulators NACOR is made up of nine regulatorycies across Canada. One delegate from each Canadian Optician Regulatory body that is signatory to the Mutual Recognition Agreement see Members ..The Candidates Examination Handbook. The Candidates Handbook will provide you with de.ed descriptions of the Optical Sciences 1 - and Optical Sciences 2 Advanced Practice Contact Lens Examinations, and instructions on how you can register for the upcoming examinations. CLICK HERE to download .

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