Met And Unmet Needs Of Persons With Severe Mental Illness

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The present study was undertaken with the objective to identify the met and unmet needs of persons with severe mental illness in a half way home. Thirty persons with severe mental illness from "Asha" Half Way Home run by Richmond Fellowship Society, Bangalore, India...essment of needs of persons with mental illness is an essential task of the mental health professionals in order to plan, develop and evaluate mental health services. This in turn will help to achieve, maintain or restore an acceptable or optimal level of social independence or quality of life. The persons with severe mental .People with severe mental illnesses often require help not only with managing their illness, but with a broad array of social and domestic activities. The impacts of the presence of such needs in several domains of function on quality of life ratings in the same domains areessed using data from a survey of Maryland . - Objectives. Deins.utionalization of long-term psychiatric patients produced various community-based residential care facilities. However, inner-city areas have many patients with severe mental illness SMI as well as deprivation, unemployment, and crime. This makes meeting their community needs .

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