Is Europe A Christian Continent Debating Europe

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- How important is Christianity to European iden.y? In the Middle Ages, the continent was commonly labelled "Christendom" on maps produced in Europe. Even then, however, there were Muslims in Iberia, Catholics in the West, Orthodox Christians in the East, Jews living across Europe, and many in . - At some point, Europe was defined insofar as it was defined at all as a Christian continent. But is this still the case today? According to a 2012 Eurobarometer survey, 72 of people living in the EU define themselves as Christian, whereas only 23 think of themselves as atheist or agnostic and 2 define .Take part in the debates below and vote to tell us who YOU support in the European Parliament! At the bottom of this page we will publish a series of debates on some of the biggest issues facing Europe today, ranging from tackling youth unemployment, to responding to the migration Is Europe a Christian continent?.

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