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International Student Exchange ISE is a Non Profit Organization that unites the world through Student Exchange. Click Here To Learn More about our foreign..Because the goal of this program is a full immersion not only into American culture but also into their American family, exchange students are expected to adapt to their host family 's lifestyle. Students respect family rules, c.s, and guidelines and in return only ask to be treated like a member of the family..Hosting a U.S. Department of State-sponsored international exchange high school student brings valuable lessons into American homes and schools in ways more How will our family benefit by hosting an international exchange student? Find out the impact of ECA exchange programs and initiatives in your state..Host an international high school exchange students from one of 90+ countries. Host for a year, semester or 6-8 weeks. Each year, more than 2,300 exchange students from 90 countries come to the US on AFS programs to study in high schools and live with host families. By hosting an AFS Exchange Student in your .

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