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The idea of lifelong education was first fully articulated in this century by Basil Yeaxlee 1929 . He along with Eduard Lindeman 1926 provided an intellectual basis for a comprehensive understanding of education as a continuing aspect of everyday life. In this they touched upon various continental traditions such as the .Picture: "Lifelong Learning", 2 Franklin Town Blvd. the Fountains at. for starters. education defined - discussion and guide. Learning in the community. Explore the idea of learning and education in the community. Lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is much talked about - but what does it mean?.What is education? Is education a practice or a program? A methodology or an organization? A 'science ' or a system? A process or a profession? See also: What is education? A definition and discussion Is education a practice or a program? A methodology [ ] Read Full Article .Education and lifelong learning - southern critiques and alternatives. What can northern educators learn from the experience of the south? A review and introductory reading list. Contents: context resisting colonialism respecting local forms to the whole rather than the individual implications [ ] Read Full .

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