Infed Org Learning In The Community And Community Learning

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Discussions of learning in the community and community learning tend to be fraught with problems. Learning in natural settings is confusingly set against the formality of the school; learning and education get subs.uted for each other; and there is often a lack of clarity about the role and purpose of the educator. Here we we specialize in the theory and practice of informal education, social pedagogy, lifelong learning, social action, and community learning and development. Featured. The impact of austerity on schools and children 's education and well-being. Cutbacks in government-sponsored services, growing inequality and . - In other words, somethinged 'community ' is not just the place or context in which education is to occur, fostering community is also a central concern. The process of becoming part of an existing social network in order to encourage dialogue and learning is sometimes labelled as informal education in .Communities of practice. The idea that learning involves a deepening process of parti.tion in a community of practice has gained significant ground in recent years. Communities of practice have also become an important focus within organizational development. In this article we outline the theory and practice of such .

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