Identify Your Breyer Stablemate Molds

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In 1998 sixnew molds G2 , sculpted by Kathleen Moody, were added. In 2005-2007 additional molds G3 , sculpted by Jane Lunger, were introduced. In 2010 Breyer added new molds G4 as a part of the World Equestrian Games Stablemates set. Breyer also introduced new molds for BreyerFest 2013, which here .Stablemates horses frequently come in play sets with other animals as well as plastic tack, riders, and buildings. These non-horse animals are not sold separately, with the same coloring sometimes seen in multiple sets. Most of these mold names are just guesses on my part and will change if I get better information from .Stablemates Collector 's Club. In 2016 Breyer introduced its Stablemates Collector 's Club, offering six different Stablemates models, with one shipped every other month. The selections will include new colors on five existing and one new mold. One of these releases will be a ".r 's choice" selection, with each member .The Paso Fino G2 mold was introduced in 1998. It was sculpted by Kathleen Moody and is Breyer mold #5610. c Foxx Breyers c Reeves International, Inc. 5412, Stablemates Horse Lover 's Collection c Janice, 5904, Dapple Grey Paso Fino Stablemates Single Horseortment, dappled grey, 2003-2006..

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