Fringe Tree The Best Native Treeody Grows

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You 'd think a small, native tree with pretty spring flowers and pretty fall foliage that 's easier-than-pie to grow would be a staple in o .Two species are available, the native white fringetree Chionanthus virginicus and the Chinese fringetree Chionanthus retusus. White fringetree, also known as Grancy graybeard or old man 's beard, is native throughout South Carolina and the southeastern United States..Fringetree Shimmering, white frothy flowers blanket this shrub/small tree in May or June. Small, round, bluish olive-like fruit form on female trees in fall and are eaten by many Grows best in average, fertile soil but is very adaptable. Background plant in borders or native plant gardens or use along streams and ponds..The White Fringetree alsoed Grancy Gray-beard Chionanthus virginicus and the Chinese Fringetree Chionanthus retusus . The White Fringetree or Grancy Gray-beard is a native to portions of East Texas. In cultivation, it generally grows to heights of 12 20 and is often that wide. It blooms in May to early June .

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