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Circles USA has chapters in more than 20 states that bring community volunteers into partnership with families who are committed to getting out of poverty. In 2014, the Circles network was asked what is the biggest barrier to getting out of poverty. The answer was unequivo.y the Cliff Effect that is built intoistance .A creative way to help people gain access to the financial mainstream. Missionet Fund reports activity in its lending circles to creditcies so parti.nts can establish credit scores and later get loans from banks. Lending circles are a common fixture in immigrant communities..Purpose of Mission Circle. In the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Mission Circle is a practical way for Catholic men and women to stimulate, spiritualize, and systematize mission aid in a personal and concrete manner. The purpose of the Mission Circles is threefold: Personal spiritual development; Giving direct spiritual and .Albuquerque Math Teachers ' Circle Mission Statement. Teachers represent one of the largest, Math Teachers ' Circles are one important aspect of a national movement toward educa- tion reform, stressing the the teachers, supported by the Circle leaders, will work on the problem together, sharing questions and ideas..

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