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Bible-Based Curriculum - Teaching Children from a Biblical Worldview, all the way from Preschool to University. Resources for Christian Schools, Homeschools..For this reason, Christian Education Europe decided to establish TEACH, a distance learning support organisation which now has over 600 families and more than 1,000 children. Mic.e Davies TEACH Administrator. Mic.e, or Minnie as most people her, is also a graduate of the ACE curriculum. Her parents started .W ith the goal of equipping parents and churches to educate children using an academi.y proven curriculum that cultivates a Biblical Worldview, Christian Education Europe provides access to the Accelerated Christian Education A.C.E. programme. A.C.E. offers a complete, self-instructional curriculum that integrates .The International Certificate of Christian Education ICCE recognises and encourages a high standard of academic achievement according to the student 's abilities. The focus on teaching from "Learning with a curriculum based on the Word of blessed me immensely, and continues to be a blessing to me I know the .

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