Brian Leiter Most Cited Law Professors By Specialty

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  • Brian Leiter Most Cited Law Professors By Specialty

    Brian Leiter evaluates and ranks law school performance..

  • 10 Most Cited U S Law Faculty Welcome To Brian Leiter

    In the interim, we have prepared a study of the ten most highly cited faculty for the period in 11 major areas of legal scholarship: Commercial Law/Contracts/Bankruptcy; Corporate Law/Securities Regulation; Criminal Law Procedure; Intellectual Property/Cyberlaw; International Law; Law Economics; Law Philosophy; Law Social Science excl. economics ; Legal History; Public Law.

  • Most Cited Law Professors By Specialty 2000 2007

    Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings listed Stanford Law School as second among the top fiflaw schools in the country with 33 of its faculty.

  • Brian Leiters Law School Reports November 11 2007

    Posted by Brian Leiter on in Rankings | Permalink | TrackBack. Most Cited Law Faculty by Specialty for the Period 2000-2007. Based on the July 2007 study of scholarly impact, we've compiled a new listing of the most cited legal scholars by specialty..

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