A New Social Contract Da For Shared Prosperity

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- Prosperity. A new World Bank Group WBG Strategy, endorsed by the Development Committee in October 2013, is now under implementation. The Strategy is driven by the Inclusive growth, job creation, and a social contract for investing in people and strengthening safety nets are central to the policy . - From wage disparities and job retention to environmental and social performance, how can corporations help reframe the corporate social contract in a way that prioritizes people over profits and leads them to build a more shared prosperity? Join an afternoon of conversation that explores these themes . - Inspired by the premise that economic security and opportunity are mutually reinforcing, a new social contract should foster innovation and openness, encourage long-term growth and broadly shared prosperity, and en.e individuals and families not only as parti.nts in the economy but also as citizens .GROWTH . SHARED. PROSPERITY. U.S. Compe.iveness Project. This report was aut.d primarily by Karen G. Mills. It reflects the deliberations of senior leaders convened in June 2015 and includes additional New Directions for Cross-Sector Collaboration. 13 contracts also known as "social-impact bonds" ..

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